Cosmetic Treatments

Physical beauty may only be skin deep, but how we feel about ourselves is often connected to how we feel we look. Over time, the reflection we see in the mirror does not always represent that feeling.

At Enverus Medical, we provide a range of cosmetic products and procedures to help you maintain, and revitalize your own natural beauty.

Is it time to do a little something for yourself?

Just like any medical decision, you should have a thorough discussion with your doctor before making any final decisions. You should leave your doctor’s office fully informed and satisfied that you have the answers you need. This is why it is important for you to be sure that your doctor has extensive experience and training. Dr. Albrecht was one of the first providers of Botox in British Columbia and he has been providing cosmetic treatments to his patients for many¬†years. To book a consultation with Dr. Albrecht, please call 604-343-1113.