Wouldn’t you want to have a sultry and sexy pout like Kylie Jenner? With Lip Therapy Rejuvenation, you can make this happen without any pain, or recovery time. Find out exactly how it works and what you can expect from getting this treatment for your lips.

Full Lips = Ultra Sexy and Feminine

What’s great about having full lips? For the most part, puffier lips enhance facial symmetry. Men can attest to this fact as they are naturally drawn to women who have symmetrical facial features. Bigger lips can make you appear younger and sexier. Have a look at photos of fashion models and celebrities who are scorching hot with their plump and luscious lips. On the other hand, thin lips are not exactly the trend whether it is in fashion magazines, or on the runway. This is the reason why women try all sorts of makeup tricks to emphasize their lips.

Quick and Painless Way to Amp Up Your Lips

Various elements contribute to the aging of your upper lip. These include aging, smoking, sun exposure and genetics. With advancements in cosmetic dermatology, there are newer techniques that can rejuvenate your lip’s overall appearance. This is why natural injectable filler is used as it enhances the fullness of your lips. The aging and wrinkling of the upper lip are influenced by sun exposure, genetics, smoking, and the natural maturing process. Thanks to today’s medical advances there is help. Aging lips can be rejuvenated and less full lips can be enhanced. Lip rejuvenation is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures.

The experts at Enverus Medical offer two different options for lip therapy rejuvenation: Juvederm and Belotero. Both of these product lines offer various types of non-permanent gels made from hyaluronan, which is a naturally occurring substance found in the skin. Hyaluronan naturally decreases with aging and makes this substance an ideal choice for facial rejuvenation.

We may not have been born with the same genetics of Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Beckinsale, or other famous beauties, but we can gain an advantage by using a painless procedure such as soft tissue rejuvenation. There are makeup tips and tricks that can pump up the volume of your lips, but if you want to wake up each day to a gorgeous pout, then filler is the way to go.

Get Kissable and Sexy Lips Today

Fuller lips enhance facial symmetry, add sex appeal, and boost your confidence. Book your consultation today with Enverus Medical to get those perfectly plumped kissable lips for the holidays!