Stress affects every aspect of your life even your skin. While it might sound strange, there’s a link between high levels of stress and inflammatory skin disease. Stress in your work and personal life can cause breakouts, or make an existing condition worse. So how can you stop this?

Here are a few tips to keep your skin on an even keel, even if you feel like your life isn’t.

Don’t Forget Your Skin Care Routine

Not all of the effects of stress are physical. Sometimes, you just don’t have time to wash your face before bed, or bother moisturizing and using sunscreen. Other times, you might be preoccupied with another problem and simply forget. It’s important to not let stress overtake your life. Make sure that taking care of yourself is a priority.

Manage Stress Through Sleep and Exercise

A busy life can interfere with more than your skin care routine. Making sure you are getting enough sleep, and cardio exercise can go a long way towards making your week manageable. Sleep and exercise will help keep you awake and energetic throughout each day, giving you more tools to deal with stressful situations and preventing lack of sleep or energy from compounding any problems. These tools are also excellent for your health and skin on their own as regular habits.

Talk To Your Dermatologist About Treating Any Existing Conditions

Stress can cause a rash or break out on its own, but it’s especially bad if you have any existing conditions. Things like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea are all exacerbated by stress. Beginning a new treatment, or stepping up an existing one can help to make sure that your stress levels don’t take over and ruin your skin completely.

Take Stress Seriously For Clear and Healthy Skin

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your daily challenges. Tackling the sea of stress that comes with a modern life is a difficult problem that challenges many adults all over the world. Try to make sure that you take the time to care for yourself by getting enough sleep and exercise, and don’t neglect your daily skin care routine. If you have any sort of skin problem, talk to a dermatologist if stress is making it worse. You might not kill the source of your stress, but you will feel healthier and have better skin as you battle it in the future.