Acne doesn’t skip the rich and famous. No matter who your parents are or how many twitter followers you have, you still can be plagued by this irritating skin condition. Even worse, it often takes time to figure out how best to treat your particular type of acne. This means that it is difficult to avoid the redness and blemishes that acne causes.

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive treatment procedure that can help deal with the unsightly skin that acne leaves in its wake. It utilizes a special type of laser that gently warms up the upper dermis. This prompts your body to respond by making a fresh batch of new skin cells. While the results are subtle, patients typically report a small improvement after every session.

Enverus Medical is thrilled to announce that it now provides Laser Genesis as a treatment option. Not only is this treatment method effective at reducing the appearance of acne scars and other facial issues, it is painless and quite comfortable. Clients often report that the experience is therapeutic, relaxing and gentle. Since there are no needles penetrating your skin, gel is not required and you won’t have to baby your skin afterwards. As with any treatment, make sure you apply an appropriate amount of sunblock.

Kendall Jenner recently gave Laser Genesis a glowing endorsement. This innovative treatment helped the young celebrity keep up her very busy schedule of appearances, while not worrying about her face. Kendall credits Laser Genesis as being a key part of the acne solution she implemented so she could stop being self-conscious about her face.

Contact Enverus Medical if you would like to find out more about Laser Genesis. A leading cosmetic dermatology clinic, Enverus Medical is proud to offer the latest and best treatments for all of your skin-related concerns.