How many wrinkles will a unit of Botox get rid of? According to most dermatologists it depends on where the wrinkle is! Most surgeon’s recommend somewhere between 20 and 30 units to get rid of “11’s” (the vertical frown lines between your eyebrows). Smoothing out horizontal wrinkles in your forehead takes 15 to 25 units, while smoothing crow’s feet may take 2 to 5 units for each eye.

So why the variance? Different people have different goals when it comes to Botox. One woman’s ideal smooth forehead may be far too expressionless for another. Going for a goal of total wrinkle removal takes more units of Botox than just softening some creases. Botox builds up over time, and many people choose to have it refreshed before it’s worn out completely. Be sure to consult with your Botox expert about any previous applications you have had in the past to make sure you don’t wind up getting too much. Although Botox will wear off eventually, you may not like the way you look for the next few months!

Finally, the efficacy of the drug varies a bit between individuals. Men tend to need more Botox to achieve the same results as women. For the best results, pick one Botox expert to administer and stick with them! They will learn how much Botox your face needs to achieve the results you want.

Botox takes between one and two weeks to reach full strength. If you are experiencing any issues, (like a droopy eyelid) you should contact your practitioner immediately. If you are not sure the dose was strong enough, make sure you have waited at least a full week before you start to hit the panic button. Mistakes and miscommunications happen! It’s not uncommon for your injector to choose on the side of caution, and use a bit less Botox than you wanted. Most Botox experts will be happy to apply any touch-ups, as long as you have waited long enough for your previous dose to kick in.